The Beginning of an Eco-Friendly Journey

Spring has finally sprung where I live and Earth Day 2019 is happening in just two days.  With these realizations comes a new consciousness of my environment.  I have always been somewhat aware of environmental problems, and I generally do my part to conserve water and electricity.  But I realize now that isn’t enough.

In January, I celebrated my second anniversary of becoming a vegetarian (though, in full disclosure, I do sometimes eat a more pescatarian diet, though I try very hard to avoid eating seafood).  I chose to transition to this lifestyle for a wealth of reasons that are easily researchable (ethical, environmental, etc.)  With that transition came my goal for 2017—and my goal in 2018 and this year: to live consciously and authentically.  I will no longer pretend unawareness of problems surrounding me, and I will no longer shy away from living in accordance with my beliefs.  I will be fully conscious of my surroundings and world, and I will live as authentically as I can manage.  Of course, this is no easy thing.  I can’t simply flip a switch and life changes for me.  I can’t transition easily into new habits and a new lifestyle overnight.  Change is hard, but anything worth doing won’t always be easy.

This is all to say, I have begun to make changes in my life.  I am embarking on a journey that started in January 2017 and is continuing with new awakenings and authentic changes now in 2019.  I’d like to give you snapshots of this journey, and invite you to join however you can.  Our Earth is our home, and it is not here (just as animals are not here) for us to use and abuse to our fullest desire.  Earth does not need us, but we need it.  If we want to continue to be able to enjoy our stay here and allow generations to come to enjoy their stay here, we need to stop living with our eyes half-closed and afraid to live how we believe we ought to live.

I’m inviting you to wake up fully to the beauty, and yes the sordidness, and to live boldly.

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