Book Review: North of Beautiful

North of Beautiful, written by Justina Chen Headley, is an incredibly poignant novel about a teenage girl with a port-wine stain birthmark and her journey in understanding what true beauty is.  Like any great book there is, of course, more to it than that.

Living under an oppressive and verbally abusive father, this book takes us along with Terra Cooper as she discovers beauty, love, life, travels, and freedom, and what everything means.  We follow Terra and her friends and family as they unearth their deepest fears, worries, and demons and find their own true beauty.  Filled with questions worthy of a philosopher, romance, pain and fear, and emotional diction, this novel had me intrigued until the very end and left me thinking- which is exactly how I like my books.

I recommend giving this book a read!  I look forward to seeing what other novels Justina Chen Headley has to offer us.

Happy reading!

~The Wise Girl

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