Book Review: Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight, and Dragon Spear

Jessica Day George (my goodness, her name is long, yet it has a lovely ring to it) has written another book that I adore.

Dragon Slippers is her very first novel for young readers, and I will admit that it is a fabulous first book.  I was a bit uncertain about it at first, for I was afraid it would be a bit too childish, but I stuck through to the end (I believe you should give a book a chance and read through to the end, or close to it) and was not disappointed.

The book touches on many of the things I so ardently love: magic, dragons, adventure, and a possibility of love.  This book also got me really interested in medieval clothing, in particular dresses.  I have come to realize, in the setting of this book especially, that dress-making (and clothes-making in general) is an art.

The main character of this book, Creel (I love her name, shortened and whole), is a poor girl from a poor family that is desperate for a bit of income.  They’re so desperate that her aunt suggests sacrificing her to the local dragon in hopes that some brave (and rich!) knight will rescue her and beg her to marry him, thus benefiting her family.  Of course, it doesn’t go as her aunt expects it to and the book follows Creel on her amazing adventures with dragons, dress-making, royalty, and magic galore.

I loved this book so much that I didn’t hesitate to read the next two in the series.  Dragon Flight and Dragon Spear didn’t disappoint at all.  I always worry with books such as these that the sequels will disappoint and be much too similar with the same “problem” that characterized the first book.  That was not the case with this series, though.  The next two books continued to follow Creel and her friends, new and old, with the continued themes that I adore.  The “problems”, though, were entirely different and incredibly interesting.  Each book just got better and better.  In the second book I was surprised by the challenges Creel faced, and in the third book, I was even more surprised.

If you enjoy dragons, magic, romance, adventure, medieval settings, or any of Jessica Day George’s other books, I highly recommend you read this series!!  I enjoyed it very much.

Happy reading!

~The Wise Girl

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