Book Review: Princesses of the Midnight Ball, Princess of Glass, and Princess of the Silver Woods

I am thrilled to share with you another wonderful book by Jessica Day George!

Princesses of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George was lovely.  I read the book in one day and stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish it.  It was definitely a page-turner.

This book has it all.  There is mystery and suspense, innocent romance (which is to say not Fifty Shades of Grey level), magic, and a medieval time setting, along with a bonus for myself- a bit of German!

The story follows twelve sisters, all princesses, who are wrapped in a mystery known as The Mystery of the Dancing Slippers.  This mystery is a confusing one to all the characters that have heard of it, and of course involves magic, and not good magic, either.  To defeat it, true love, more than a good dash of luck, courage, and some odd magic items will be needed.

Besides this book, Jessica Day George- bless her- brought us two more that continue to follow the twelve sisters we first met in Princesses of the Midnight Ball.  In Princess of Glass, Princess Poppy, the sixth princess, is the main character of this story that takes an entirely different approach from the first book.  This plot is just as intriguing as the first and filled with plenty more of what the first novel had to offer.  In the third book of the series, Princess of the Silver Woods, the youngest, Princess Petunia, is the main character.  The story follows her as an old enemy reawakens and threatens her and all that she loves and cares about, including her sisters.  This book is my favorite out of the entire series.  It is, in my opinion, the climax of the ongoing plot that is the lives of the twelve princesses.

What impresses me most is not how well Jessica Day George creates her world and setting, not how well she creates the story and plot (and continues it into the next books, with a fluid and coherent passing of time), and not how well she writes in general.  What I am most impressed by is how she is able to create twelve different girls, whom are all related and sisters, yet every single one of them is entirely different and has her own set of quirks, traits, and characteristics.  Jessica Day George is not only able to describe these, but also keeps them separate and recalls them clearly throughout all three books (while another author I won’t mention, for I do love his books so, was unable to remember the name of one of his most important slightly minor characters and just called her something entirely different at the end of the book). Furthermore, she also creates dozens of other very prominent characters and draws them fully with her words, and remembers them from book to book.  Personally, I feel this shows George’s art and the downfall of authors who are pressured to turn out books.  Nothing about George’s writing or books seems forced, but rather as if she lives their and knows each character as if she were her own sister.

Jessica Day George has rapidly become one of my favorite authors (if not my number one) and I look very much forward to the day when all (yes, all) of her books grace my bookshelf.

My point?  Read not only this series, but all of her books!!!  Happy reading!

~The Wise Girl

14 Days of Giving: Day 14- Restaurant Love

Today is for all the waitresses and waiters out there: Leave a big tip.

I know this may be asking a lot for some people, but if you can spare it, please do.  Waitresses and waiters put up with a lot and sometimes they don’t even get a tip for it! They need the money just as much as we do, if not more, so please help them out.  Give more than the recommended tip especially if they deserve it, and even if they don’t.  They deal with a lot of crummy people and they have bad days just like we do.  It’s hard to put on a smile when you just found out your significant other is cheating on you, a loved one is dying, your car needs repairs you can’t afford, your child needs money for school that you don’t have, Christmas is coming and you have no idea how your going to get everything- or even anything- on your child’s wish list, you got into a huge fight with someone you love, or you’ve been working more hours than ought to be possible.  Think outside of yourself and try to make their day a little better.  If you can’t afford a huge tip (and I am not talking hundreds of dollars), perhaps offer to buy them something to eat or at least do all that you can to chit chat with them, listen and show them that you care, and make them smile and even laugh.  If you can be a blessing to them, then do it!!

Do you have a story to share?  Please share it in the comments!  Happy giving!